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Worried about getting through the baby food shortage? You’ve come to the right place. Rather than driving to several stores, just to find them out of stock, we’ll search for you. Just sign up with your specific formula needs and receive custom alerts when we find your products on shelves in your area.

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No parent should have to deal with this. Let us help.

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We want you to be specific as possible so we match you to the right baby product request. Use the other details field to let us know specifics and/or if you’d accept alternatives to your first request.

We’ll Send You An Alert Via Email or Text When Found In Your Area

We’ll search the Kroger stores in your area and  send you an alert when we find the matching product(s). *We are working on getting invetory access from additional stores and will update when we do.

Join Our Forum & Help Other Families Out

Join our Baby Needs Locator Community to search posts and let other families know when baby products in your geography are available. Together, we get through anything better than alone.


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We will automatically search within 100 miles of your radius and let you know when we have located your baby needs.

AA of Pediatrics

Baby Food Shortage Info Promoted By American Academy Of Pediatrics

Grants for single moms

Federal Grants For Single Mothers

You can always check your state and local programs too

Abbott To Reopen Baby Food Plant

Approved by FDA on May 16, article by Forbes

Baby Formula Shortage

How To Get In Touch With Manufacturers

Links to consumer hotlines and more

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Amazon Stock Of Infant Formula

Check often for changing stock availability of infant formula

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How You Can Help

Donate to our GoFundMe to support parents of infabts in need, today


Helping one another out, online, is one of the best resources we have in 2022. We encourage everyone to post the type of formula and location when you find that it’s avialable in stores near you.

Baby Formula Finder

Baby Formula Buy, Sell, Trade

Join the Facebook group of over 30K members

Several Milk Banks Accepting Donations

Find one to donate and receive milk near you

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Pediatrician's Advice On Formula

How to get through the baby formula shortage

About Us

Feeding Your Baby Should Not Be A Painful Experience

We are Mothers, Fathers, Aunts and Uncles who know just how precious the first year of your babies life is. At out sister-site, Tailored Stay, we have been receiving dozens of calls and emails from frantic Mothers, Fathers and Grandmothers looking for the products they need for their babies. Unfortunately, we do not carry the inventory, so we pooled our resources to create this FREE search site to help.

Real Stories of Baby Food Shortage Struggles By Families - Coming Soon!


Where To Find Baby Food is a community group where we pool resources to help all American families get through the baby food shortage crisis that is currently facing our great nation. So often during these times, we don’t know where to turn to. We will do our best to provide you with the resources you need to have healthy and flourishing babies.


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